Modern Romantic

Modern Romantic

Friday, June 10, 2016

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2015

If you're going to go to only one event in NYC all year, this should be it. Michael Arnella's Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governer's Island is a fantastic time for music, dance performances, costumes, drinks, and a good old fashioned picnic. I'm reminiscing about his 10th party and my second time attending last year as I get pumped for tomorrow's event! 

Featured on WWD

Above photos by Jon Howard, below photos various other feature and snaps by lovely passerbys and friends! 

Thursday, June 2, 2016

In the mornin', in the evenin, ain't we got swing?

I absolutely adore living history events. I can get into dressing up in a period-inspired look from almost any time period. Usually the events or museums I go to do a great job of making you feel like you're in actually in the given time period. However I have definitely never felt more like I was in another time than last Saturday night. I didn't even need to touch a drink (I mean I did still have a couple obviously) and kept pinching myself. Watching the sunset on a real historic aircraft carrier docked in the water with three levels of live big band swing music and singers with the most incredible dancers was like none other. Everyone was obviously dressed incredibly accurately as well because NYC folks kill it at period events, and my amazing friend Caely fixed my hair in quick victory rolls when my attempted curls fell out in 90 degree weather. When the sun went down we started to get sillier and run around and meet people, including real sailors! Check out the black and white video on my Instagram page to see what hundreds of people swing dancing on a ship with airplanes and the Manhattan skyline in the background looked like. I heard that they hadn't done this event since the 90's. Can they please do it every year? I am already dying to go back to 1944. For real. 

Dress: my mom's creation from perhaps the 80's with a matching scarf I tied on 
Vest, purse, and woven sandals: vintage from a shop in Madison
Hat: peddler cart on side of the road in soho  

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Out they walk in single file, through the door I saw you smile...

It's almost Spring! Well actually, it is Spring, but it's just really starting to feel a bit like it this weekend in the city. It's still the perfect time to go shopping for Spring and Summer though, since there's actually some pre-sales as popular mainstream stores when the weather is still a little chilly. I recently did a little bit of damage, and got a few more crop tops for the season as well as a couple skirts to match- one was even a matching set!

Crop tops, whether they're cut off tee's, tight short little tanks, slinky see-through crocheted pieces, or tied up button downs like so are still in for the season. Thank goodness, because no one I know wants to stop wearing them- we just don't want any stores to stop selling them either. Where are you most excited to wear a crop top this season? Come on, you know that's a thing. I can't wait to hit up Bushwick Open Studios again in one!

Photography: Ben Benson

Song: "Monster" by Magic Man

Friday, February 19, 2016

NYFW 2016: Bata Spasojević

The Bata Spasojević show, part of the Art Hearts Fashion series at New York Fashion Week is totally on point with everything "Modern Romanti. Historical inspirations mixed with modern day street style was seen throughout this season's collection in both men and womenwear. The influencing eras ranged from the Medieval to Victorian eras but we're all integrated well with one another. The makeup and hair styling evoked The Phantom of the Opera or another sort of a period masked figure. Can't wait to see how these will translate into total street style! 

Photography: Robyn Byrant

Thursday, February 18, 2016

NYFW 2016: Zvonko Markovic

As part of the Art Hearts Fashion show segment of NYFW, Zvonko Markovic showed her collection of formal womenswear. Her dark evening gowns were the highlight and would suit a wide array of women, with textures ranging from lace to beading. Cutouts and sheer sections were definitely the key parts of her pieces. Sexy black dresses are always a favorite for women, and Markovic definitely found her niche!

Photography: Robyn Bryant 

NYFW 2016: Marina Mićanovic

Marina Mićanovic showed as part of the popular Art Hearts Fashion Show at NYFW. The collection featured three-dimensional pieces that resembled a clown or joker inspiration, in solids black and white and checkered patterns. These pieces would do very well on at events on the red carpet or for special projects like music videos. Only the most creative and outlandish women would get away with them out on the streets! 

Photography: Robyn Bryant