Monday, November 11, 2013

"Nobody Likes You When You're 23"

Though still wake up feeling like an 11-year-old most of the time, today I somehow turned the ripe old age of 23. Over the weekend, my boyfriend and I visited Central Park and strolled through the zoo. I thought that for a perfect, autumn day a school girl-inspired look felt right to wear. Even if you're no longer studying, you can still wear an outfit inspired by everyone's favorite private school kids from Gossip Girl. 

I matched my bright red Uniqlo tights to my Urban Outfitters navy and red messenger bag. My pleated grey Modcloth skirt was an early birthday present from my sister who works there. You'll often see me wearing pieces my mother gave me or made also, as she studied Home Economics in college and is an excellent seamstress. She made the brown tweed blazer in her tailoring class in college, in the 1970's. I matched my hair bow to it, because Upper East Side girls, or those pretending to be, need a headband or a hair bow.

As a 23-year-old, hopefully everyone still likes me alright even though Blink-182 says that nobody will. Here's to 23 being the most successful and exciting year yet!

Photography: Ben Martini

Style Tip: Don't be afraid to dig through mom (or dad's!) old closet.

Outfit highlights: Urban Outfitters navy and red messenger bag and pleated grey Modcloth skirt.

Song of the day: "What's My Age Again?" by Blink-182

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