Thursday, December 19, 2013

"Cop Lights, Flash Lights Spotlights, Strobe Lights Street Lights"

This will be my last post until the New Year! I'll be taking a little break and getting the blog ready for new things in 2014. Until then, I'll leave you with a New Year's Eve-friendly post. Keep your look classy and elegant to stand out. Too many people go overboard to finish off their last night of the year. If you're going to wear a sequin dress, like so many do, then let that be your outfit's focus and add one statement accessory to the piece. I adore snake-inspired jewelry, like this arm band that can be wrapped around and around. Its' head magnetizes to the rest of its' body so it fits anyone! I actually wore this piece to prom my senior year with a Grecian goddess-inspired gown. I can't recommend enough that you be careful with what you discard, and that you really do consider wearing old pieces in new ways! 

I hope you have a holiday full of blessings with family and friends, whatever you chose to celebrate, and I wish you a happy and fashionable New Year! 

Photography: Ben Benson

Outfit Highlights: Forever21 Sequin Dress

Style Tip: Don't be afraid to shop at discount stores for dresses you'll only wear for a few hours, at a time...a few times in your life! We all have a budget.

Song of the day: "All of the Lights" by Kanye West, featuring Kid Cudi and Rihanna

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