Tuesday, December 17, 2013

"Olden Times and Ancient Rhymes Of Love and Dreams to Share"

While I'd have to say Halloween is my favorite Holiday, Christmastime is not far behind. There's nothing like curling up by the fire with your family, with a hot chocolate in hand all while wrapped in your favorite blanket. Well, what if that blanket ventured into the great outdoors, as a  poncho of sorts? I love the idea of belting a blanket over a sweater as an inventive and chic option to keep warm. This red and navy blanket was a present that my dad brought me back from Scotland on a business trip. I wore it with neutrals to keep my outfit classic. A pale brown sweater, brown boots, a brown belt, and my mother's vintage brown leather clutch will always look fantastic with plaid and jeans.

I took these photos while on Thanksgiving break in Connecticut with my best friend Devin's white puppy named Gigi. With the adorable Gigi by my side, I felt like I was in a cross between a Downton Abbey episode where they go hunting, and a Ralph Lauren Advertisement.

Photography : Devin Karbowicz

Puppy: Gigi Karbowicz 

Style Tip: You can never ever go wrong with neutrals and a beautiful, basic plaid. 

Outfit highlights: Scottish Wool Blanket and Vintage Riding Belt 

Song of the Day: "Christmastime is Here", the Peanuts Gang Holiday song which is my favorite. 

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