Thursday, January 23, 2014

"Horse and I, We're Dancers In the Dark"

Once upon a time I took horseback riding lessons. As the tallest rider, I was given the biggest and scariest horse named Henry. He ended up being a sweetie and more scared of me than I was of him, and also had a sad illness where he foamed at the mouth. Horseback riding didn't work out for me, as I chose to fine tune other talents instead like sewing and singing, but I'll always have fond memories and think horses are beautiful. Equestrian fashions aren't too shabby, either. I know I talk about Downton Abbey too much, but dressing up like this once-in-a-while let's me feel like I'm out for a hunt with the classic, British folks. These photos were taken by the beautiful Avon Horse Guard over winter break, which I'm lucky to say I get to drive by numerous times whenever I visit home. My new blog name never suits me more than at times like this! 

Photography: Ashley Laurel

Style Tip: If you're feeling in the mood for a theme, go for it! If you're not doing a fun photoshoot or going to a special fashion event, perhaps ditch the riding hat, but wearing an equestrian-themed outfit is chic and fun. 

Outfit Highlights: Topshop Leather Leggings, a velvet vintage riding hat, a handmade necklace by my mother, and tweed and velvet blazer from Kohl's

Song of the Day: "Horse and I" by Bat for Lashes

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