Tuesday, January 7, 2014

"Let's Go Down To The Tennis Court, And Talk It Up Like Yeah"

Some days, I just feel like being kind of preppy, classic, and 80's. This look makes me feel like a stylish college school girl, perhaps attending Oxford or Cambridge. But I actually used to wear this fantastic red vintage blazer from Ragstock to football games at the University of Wisconsin-Madison badger games, since our colors were red and white. Pairing the jacket with other simple red accessories and a plaid skirt gives me a fun, polished look that I feel confident wearing out with friends or to work. Thank goodness that Taylor Swift made heart-shaped sunglasses socially acceptable in her music video "22"! 

Photography: Ben Benson

Style Tip: Mix and match plaids for a fun touch!

Outfit Highlights: J. Crew skirt, vintage blazer, H&M blouse, and heart-shaped sunglasses from one of those tacky tourist shop vendors in Midtown.

Song of the Day: "Tennis Court" by Lorde

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