Thursday, January 16, 2014

"Life Can Be So Sweet, On the Sunny Side of the Street"

While I myself don't make it to as much theater as I would like to, one show that I do highly recommend seeing in New York City is After Midnight on Broadway. The show's unique blend of dancing, singing, and music from the Jazz at Lincoln Center All-Stars makes for a very high-energy night. This performance isn't quite a musical, but instead a celebration and interpretation of a beloved era with talent including Fantasia (The Color Purple, Americon Idol) and Dule Hill (Psych, West Wing). After February 9, K.D. Lang will replace Fantasia as the star singer.

I had the opportunity to work on the show for a short time as a Costume Assistant with Isabel and Ruben Toledo's team. The stage is filled with exquisite fabrics used in interesting designs to create everything from bird-like dancers, to pimps, to dandies, to a lady "skeleton". This tee-shirt I'm wearing is one of Ruben's imaginative illustrations of a look in the show. I paired it with a look that would bring out some of the colors in his design while keeping the focus on my shirt.

I've gotten the chance to seen the show twice, and would honestly see it a third! I recommend waiting in line for rush tickets before the box office opens in the morning, which are 37 dollars each. My last photo in this post is a photo of me and the amazing Dule Hill. If you get a chance to see the show, have a marvelous time!

Photography: Ben Martini

Style Tip: Pair a T-shirt with unexpected colors, like with a printed blouse from Salvation Army

Outfit Highlights: Corso Como Leather Boots and an official After Midnight tee with illustrations by Ruben Toledo

Song of the Day: "On The Sunny Side of The Street", version by Louis Armstrong

Bonus Video: After Midnight on Broadway Preview

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