Thursday, January 2, 2014

"Living In A Movie Scene"

Happy New Year to all of you! I'm excited to reveal my new name and layout. "Modern Romantic" is a better representation of who I am and my personal style, since this isn't just a shoe blog. I am a modern, independent, strong young woman who still loves many of the the styles and ideals of the more feminine, 'olden days'. I'll continue to post twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In this new year I will have even more amazing blogposts for you all!

A New Year is kind of like a birthday. You wake up not feeling any different, even though you're supposed to. I think the point of the whole idea is to make sure you reflect on your life as a whole at least once a year. This past year, I graduated with a dual degree from The University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Bachelor of Science in Textile and Apparel Design, and from The Fashion Institute of Technology with an Associates in Applied Science in Fashion Design. I'm excited to go into 2014 and have it "all to myself", in a way. It will be the first whole year I haven't been in school, completing exciting projects, silly busy work, or tests and quizzes for my professors. At the same time, I am now working for bosses and don't have the level of creative freedom yet as I did when I designed my school projects, so I find time to work on my own personal designs now and then. Please check out my other website,, for my designs and sketches and connect with me on my LinkedIn page, to view my professional resume.

This coming year, my biggest goal is to costume design an indie film all myself, even if it's something short or simple. I've gained so much experience the past seven months that I've been out of school working for a plethora of amazing costume designers and their teams. While I'm obviously not experienced enough or connected enough quite yet (or even in a union), I won't be in charge of the costumes for some big budget fantasy film. But so many of my bosses have not only showed me different methods for managing a costume team and designing, but also given me advice on where to go from here. While I'll keep assisting and doing Production Assistant work because I have a long way to go, I'd really like to work on a small project all on my own! Hello, Craigslist.

I'm really into writing and singing, which I simply don't do enough of. I also I would really like to join a band this year, but it's hard to meet musicians that you have a lot in common with in terms of musical style, and can work well with. I think that musicians that grew up with their bandmates or met them early on and then got successful, were simply destined to. I hope that this will be the year I can at least do some background, harmonizing vocals for a group! While NaNoWriMo never quite works out for me since I simply work too many weekday hours to write a novel in a month, I hope to do a big chunk of writing. I always have several projects going on, mainly fiction pieces, but lately I've been delving into non-ficiton as well. A true writer never shares their projects until they're completed, but I'll let you know if and when I'm available to read at Barnes and Noble.

Anyway, since this is a fashion blog, I should probably get to that part now. I can't wait to embark on another exciting year of new posts, photos, and style ideas with my amazing photographer and friend Benjamin Benson. Have a great one!

Photography: Benjamin Benson

Style Tip: Keep your styling and hair simple with a bold, sequin dress!

Outfit Highlights: dress by Forever21, shoes by Steve Madden, and a vintage bangle

Song of the Day: "Hollywood" by Marina and the Diamonds

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