Tuesday, January 21, 2014

"These Dreams, Under My Pillow..."

I feel like a lucky gal to own such a beautiful and unique dress from Modcloth by BB Dakota. This paisley, shimmery, pleated frock makes me want to spin around in circles so I can see it flare out before me. When that happens, you know that you've found a great dress! The dress is easy and comfortable to wear, matching my printed Steve Madden t-strap pumps and necklace from Bangles and Bags perfectly. I like the idea that I can wear this dress out for a fancy night with friends, and accessorize it for either day or night time. I would like to sew more clothes made out of brocade and tapestry fabrics, but because the "floats", or threads at the back that make up the prints are so long, they snag in the machine. It's definitely worth it to me to own items that are more difficult to make from stores that will do a better job than I can without proper equipment! 

Photography: Benjamin Benson

Style Tip: When you wear an intricate dress, keep your styling simple. Add one statement accessory, like a big necklace but avoid earrings and bracelets that will take away from the look. Yes, me, the queen of accessorizing is telling you to hold back sometimes! 

Outfit Highlights: Modcloth paisley brocade dress and Steve Madden floral printed shoes

Song of the Day: "White Nights" by Oh Land

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