Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"Been Dreaming of This Since A Child, I’m On Top of the World"

 I was honored to model some of my friend Michelle Xiatong Zhao's apparel designs on a roof in Chinatown a few weeks ago. We were fortunate to have a warmer day where the sun on the roof felt almost like Spring! These designs from her collection titled TonG are cutting edge, avant-garde but still wearable pieces. I felt modern yet feminine in the different looks, which ranged from a fitted, ruffly velvet jumpsuit to a sheer overcoat she printed herself, and a metallic, pleather asymmetrical coat. Please check out her designs on her website where you may also contact her with any inquiries! 

Photography: Maryann Samreth

Style Tip: Sleek, pulled back hair is the best way to show off a captivating, unique look. 

Outfit Highlights: All looks are from the TonG collection by Michelle Xiatong Zhao

I also had the opportunity to model a couple other looks for Ms. Zhao, so stay tuned for more soon! 

Song of the Day: "Top of the World" by Imagine Dragons

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  1. love these photos! very cool! just commented on one of them on Instagram and followed you there, but I can't seem to find a follow button on your blog! :/