Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fashion in Conversation At The Apple Store SoHo

It's a surprisingly little-known secret that Apple Stores around the world host brilliant talks with notable industry professionals year-round, especially during special events like fashion week or film festivals. The Apple Store SoHo is currently featuring numerous talks with the movers and the shakers of the fashion industry including photographer, designers, editors, and business moguls to celebrate the Fall 2014 fashion collections being shown. All you need to sign up and reserve a spot is an Apple ID.

Maryann Samreth, one of my fashion week correspondants had the chance to see both Anna Wintour, Editor of Vogue, and The Satorialist's Scott Schuman being interviewed last week. Anna Wintour held a packed interview with host Kinvara Balfour last Thursday, showing up in a colorful Celine ensemble. 

There was a lot of discussion about her recent covershoot with Lena Dunham, the creator and actress of the HBO show "Girls", who Anna said was a lot of fun to work with. The evening begun with a humorous video clip of Lena Dunham and Hamish Bowles "vogueing" before Lena's recent cover shoot. I somehow hadn't seen the video until now, and you should be sure to check it out too! 

Anna mentioned how much controversy there was around the apparent photoshopped cover and photostory with Lena, but that more good came out of it than anything. Lena and Ms. Vogue herself were happy with the outcome of the spread and the whole issue was exaggerated in the media, as usual. 

Ms. Wintour spoke to the audience about some of her favorite Vogue covers, which included her exciting first cover in November 1988 of model Michaela Bercu baring her stomach. This cover was controversial at the time compared to the elegance the magazine was known for. Her printers even thought that it was a mistake at first, but it was the start of Anna leading Vogue in a new direction. The magazine clearly hasn't stopped having controversial covers since then, but that's seemingly how Vogue, the press, and Anna work. 

All in all, the interview with Ms. Wintour could have been better, and Anna herself more prepared, but it was still interesting to see such an elusive fashion figure in a somewhat public setting. The Satorialist's Scott Schuman was also interviewed by Ms. Balfour last week, on Friday, and spoke a lot about the beginnings of his career. 

As an aspiring designer, it's always helpful and inspiring to hear a success story firsthand. Mr. Schuman grew up in Indiana, and was interested in media from a young age, including GQ Magazine, fashion, and sports. He started noticing how people dressed on the streets and appreciating the mystery, romance, and possibilities of photos, picking up photography. At one point he considered fashion design, and also worked in various jobs such as in in showrooms, but nothing suited him quite like photography. 

Scott is a prime example of a "do what you love" story, since he simply loves taking photos, and happens to excel at it! He mentioned that raising two kids and being a stay-at-home-dad helped to open up an artistic side of him. With a natural curiosity, and no affinity for any particular brands (except for Armani, his idol), he takes photos of all sorts of people in places around the world as seen on his blog. Mr. Schuman's success story is one of talent, intuition, and picking up the right hobby at the right time, as blogging became so big in the early 2000's.

Thanks to Maryann Samreth for covering these two fantastic events for my blog. As one of my talented classmates from The University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Fashion Institute of Technology, I encourage you to check out her accessory designs on her website! 

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