Thursday, February 27, 2014

"I Never Saw The World The Way The City Looks To Me Today"

Benjamin and I were taking photos in the hallway of my apartment building on a colder day, when we spotted a taxicab outside on the street. Of course, I had to muster up the courage to wear a coordinating outfit and pose in front, in the cold, hoping the driver wouldn't come back too soon! We got lucky and quickly got a nice set of photos. 

This look includes of one of my favorite vintage dresses, with a black, white, and subtle yellow pattern throughout it. It's both mod and psychedelic without being too crazy, and I love that. I wore it with a white belt and white boots, because winter white leather is the loveliest and I don't see it enough. A yellow bracelet and an anchor pendent complete the look, making me reminisce about brighter and warmer days. 

Photography: Benjamin Benson

Outfit Highlights: Vintage Dress from The Pink House and Boots from DSW

Style Tip: Winter white is probably the most uncommon color of leather to wear, yet it looks so fabulous and even matches the snow. An off-white shade allows us to bring so much lightness into a dark season, which will boost our moods. Don't let the winter blues, or should I say blacks, get you down! Grab some white.

Song of the Day: "Last Words" by The Real Tuesday Weld

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