Thursday, February 13, 2014

"I Think I Saw Your Airplane in the Sky Tonight, Through My Window, Lying On the Kitchen Floor"

As a blogger, I feel the need to do themed posts when holidays roll around. I have never been a big fan of Valentine's Day and would probably rather celebrate any other holiday instead. I do enjoy heart-shaped items, chocolates, flowers, color red and I'm a hopeless romantic, so why is this true? I suppose I believe that every woman or man deserves to be treated like a princess or prince every day of the year by those who care for them (significant others, friends, and parents). 

But if we need to celebrate this holiday, I should do so comically, in a very Caroline sort of way by wearing heart-shaped glasses in a bright red outfit and making a silly sad face! I suppose I have my favorite band, Los Campesinos in mind and take this holiday sort of sarcastically like when they released "Songs I've Written About Your Girlfriend" on Valentine's Day

We'll see if my long-distance boyfriend gets here or not tomorrow depending on the weather and if not I'll live and we'll have a special relationship dinner where we try appreciating each other extra another time! Anyway, St. Patrick's Day and then Easter are soon and that means drinks with friends and Cadbury Eggs so hoorah. 

Photography: Benjamin Benson

Style Tip: This dress is actually a pleated skirt! I love hoisting up long skirts and belting them. It enlarges my closet instantly. 

Outfit Highlights: Thrifted items and an H&M purse. 

Song of the Day: "Heart" by Stars

Sidenote: Sorry this has been the most un-fashion focused post ever! I got fashioned-out during fashion week :)

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