Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"Isn't Everyone Just Masquerading?"

This is the perfect outfit for an event or a classy night out with friends. It's personalized with interesting touches, but still ladylike and classic. I'm totally digging one-shoulder pieces lately, like this black fluttery dress I was gifted by a coworker. Blogging has not only allowed me to express by creativity and have an outlet for trying out new looks, but I have also been able to experiment with hairstyles which I'm usually lazy about. I've been wrapping my ponytails around with hair recently, which is an easy and fun twist that just requires hair spray, a couple bobby pins, and five minutes. Working in costumes and living in such a fashionable city you would think would inspire me to dress to impress even more, but sometimes it honestly just makes me more lazy because I am so used to it! I guess we all need a break sometimes even from the things we love the most. 

Photography: Benjamin Benson

Style Tip: Make cutesy things like bows and polka dots sophisticated in black and gold!

Outfit Highlights: Steve Madden pumps, Modcloth tights, and a Charming Charlie bag

Song of the Day: "Light Out" by Javelin

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