Thursday, February 20, 2014

"It Don't Mean A Thing, If It Ain't Got That Swing "

I thought about why I started blogging the other day, and I realized that part of the reason is because I enjoy creating a scene with Benjamin, my photographer, and pretending to be a different character in a sense while showing my personal style. Figuring out different ways to present head-to-toe looks in the best way possible, including poses and background choices is something we both have fun doing together but it also gives me career practice. As an entry-level assistant in the costume design world, I don't get to make many of the big creative design decisions yet that I can't wait be in charge of one day when I am in the union and an official costume designer. But in the meantime, setting up and styling shoots like this one, working on coordinating outfits and backgrounds can only help me for my big film dreams in the future! 

This particular ensemble is a modern take on the constantly inspiring roaring 20's era. The chiffon dress with intricate beading and lace by Anna Sui is one of the most comfortable yet fancy looks I could wear out for a formal night. That's the wonderful thing about the drapey, loose clothing of the 1920's- how great it feels on. I made the look a little more casual than with the expected tights and heels by wearing shiny leggings and flats. I resisted the urge to wear a headband, making it look too period and instead my photographer and I found a great graffiti wall near his apartment, making the whole shoot more edgy and modern. While I love history, sometimes it's fun to re-invent the wheel. 

Photography: Benjamin Benson 

Outfit Highlights: An Anna Sui tunic dress, H&M leggings, and Katie and Kelly bow flats from DSW

Style Tip: While it's sometimes fun to be costume-y with your look when you're wearing a statement piece that is noticeably from a specific period, other times you should try to modernize the look. Re-interpreting history a bit can make it fun and fresh! 

Song of the Day: "It Don't Mean A Thing" by Duke Ellington

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