Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Seen on the Runway and Heard Backstage: Karolyn Pho Fall 2014

Last week I had the opportunity to cover the hip and edgy Karolyn Pho show at Pier 59 Studio, part of Chelsea Piers, and interview Karolyn herself after the show! It was Karolyn's New York Fashion Week debut, and it was such an honor to be there. Ms. Pho began in the fashion industry by styling film and music videos but wanted to dress a broader crowd, which led to a desire to start her own brand.

Karolyn: Nice to meet you! 

Caroline: Thank you so much, you too. 

K: It's a marathon!

C: So I wanted to ask you about your inspiration for this amazing collection?

K: It's a very classic, elegant girl- it's the same girl in all my collections. But this season I wanted to make her a little more androgynous and really sit in that feeling- the feeling of being "I don't care"- really slouchy, baggy; relaxed. I really like that feeling, I think it's just like when a women walks into a room and she's just so confident and calm there's something so attractive about her and everybody kind of gravitates towards her. 

C: I can definitely see that!

K: Yeah, it's the confidence. 

C: So where do you see your brand heading in the near future and do you have any long term of short term goals? 

K: My long term and short term goal is just to show next season and I think that will always be my answer. I have so much fun doing this and it's such a selfish act for me. I get to create and I get to exhibit and I don't think there's anything more fulfilling than that, so that's what I want to do! 

C: And where can fans buy your clothing? 

K: Right now it's a little bit all over the place. We're in Japan, Dubai, Kuwait, California, New York, Texas, Chicago; mostly boutiques but I'm hoping Nordstrom, Neiman, Saks; the big league soon. So that's my next plan within the next few weeks.

C: Well great, thank you and congratulations! 

K: Thanks so much for coming! 

The show itself felt hip and young on one hand, yet timeless and wearable on another. The collection was heavily colored in black in various textures, with two notable pieces being a sheer jacket and a fur vest. Bold pops of color including yellow and cobalt blue were matched with pleather and metallics, in minimalist designs. The sleek, slicked back hair with flat sandals kept with the elegant simplicity. Pho makes minimalism look easy, which it is to wear but not to design. Seeing her past work, I can see she has a true talent for designing for the same kind of customer throughout her different work. In her Fall 2014 collection, Karolyn Pho managed to appeal to a broad spectrum of women wanting to be comfortable yet fashionable. 

Photography: Benjamin Benson and Caroline Wilson

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