Tuesday, March 11, 2014

"All The Leaves Are Brown, And The Sky Is Grey. I Went For A Walk, On A Winter's Day..."

I own a coat or jacket for almost every mood. In February or March, winter tends to get me down because I love nature, but more so the green and sunny kind. I feel like everyone gets a little bit of Seasonal Affect Disorder if they live in an area with true seasons. When I'm feeling the winter blues I put on the winter reds instead! There's nothing better to wear in winter than a bright, cheery coat to make you smile when you look down and see a corner of it amongst the pavement and snow. No matter what you're wearing underneath- you can add color so easily. I paired this coat with cranberry jeans and my beloved rust colored boots. And of course some fun floral sunglasses!

Photography: Steven R. Wilson

Outfit Highlights: Via Spiga wool coat

Style Tips: Different hues in the red family can compliment each other in an interesting way. Take a cue from how I paired my cranberry colored pants with the pinkish red herringbone pattern coat. 

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