Tuesday, March 18, 2014

"Art House Director, We Lost Magic Light Until Tomorrow Night"

This past weekend was hopefully the last really chilly one we'll have this winter... *fingers crossed*! I went to Christie's Auction House with my roommate who had interned there, and knew of the free and public viewings on Sundays. It's actually Asian Art Week in New York City right now, and the exhibit featured ancient and more modern art from China, India, Korea, Japan, and more. We joked that we wanted to bid on the cheapest item, a Chinese Brush Painting that was *only* estimated at $800! I can't imagine having one of the even more exquisite pieces in my home. I would be afraid someone would come in and rob me in the night but I suppose whoever can afford these has a bodyguard. One of the most expensive and most ancient pieces, the Min Fanglei, was a ritual wine vessel from probably 11th Century B.C., and I heard it was estimated at about 50 million.

Anyway, I had my roommate snap a few photos of me once we got to the big high rises more uptown, which I don't usually get to do since I live near much smaller buildings by the East River that I usually take my pictures around. I realized that I hadn't worn the winter coat that I wore the most in my blog yet! My Anne Klein wool pea coat is my most obvious item to blog for winter, but somehow I forgot about it. I bought this coat last year towards the end of the season and it was just the type of wrap waist-style coat I was looking for. You can wear it with absolutely any color and anything, and it would look excellent on many different body types. It was from Burlington Coat Factory, which has so many great quality brands and steals especially at the end of a season! I wore some cozy knits with it while I still can, including a small but chunky white infinity scarf that my mom made me.

Photography: Alexandra Nasto

Outfit Highlights: Anne Klein wool coat and a scarf made by my mom.

Style Tips: If you live in New York or somewhere that's still cold, pile on the cozy knits while you still can!

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