Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Cinematic Inspiration: "The Shop Around The Corner"

Ever since I saw "The Shop Around the Corner" from 1940, I've wanted a criss-cross suspender and skirt combo like Margaret Sullivan wore opposite Jimmy Stewart in the film. If you haven't seen the movie, it consists of love letters, cigarette boxes, and Margaret playing an independent young shopgirl with lovely forties fashions. I definitely recommend the film, especially around the holidays, and Rotten Tomatoes gives it an 8.4 just for reference.

The skirt and suspenders combination is so wearable and can be dressed up or down; made more modern or given a real vintage look. I paired this pleated black skirt and suspenders with a beige pin-tuck front shirt and a brown and black cloche hat. Combining elements from the twenties (hat) and forties (skirt) still looks like "today" with messy waves. Classy ladies back then would never dare to be seen with my mop of hair!

I've been in Connecticut the past couple of weeks, not taking freelance work and recovering from a minor knee injury. While the weather outside is a bit frightful, it always makes for a nice, contrasting shot with the snow in the background.

Photography: Beth L. S. Wilson

Outfits Highlights: Fantastic Marshall's finds and Lord & Taylor flats

Style Tips: You can always make your own detachable suspender straps with ribbon or fabric and buttons/buttonholes to hold them onto the inside of a skirt!

Movie Trailer (instead of Song of the Day!) 

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