Thursday, March 27, 2014

Is This My Life, Am I Breathing Underwater?

Cadbury eggs (my favorite candy ever) are finally in stores, which means that not only is Easter coming up, but that it's time to break out the Spring pastels! I wore a pink lace vest over a simple pink tee shirt and paired it with white and gray floral jeans. This is an easy look to wear that's perfect for a casual weekend outing downtown with friends, like brunch or a stroll in the park. I made this collar necklace out of leather, chain, and buttons that's a great color scheme and goes with so many different looks. My accessories add little pops of color with peachy and green accents. I just have to throw on a leather jacket, and I'm ready to go! 

If anyone is interested in how I made my necklace, comment below and I will do a youtube tutorial for you! 

Photography: Benjamin Benson

Style Tip: 

Outfit Highlights: Marc Jacobs woven clutch, Urban Outfitters oxfords, Uniqlo floral jeans, and a handmade collar necklace

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Song of the Day: "Breathing Underwater" by Metric

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