Saturday, March 29, 2014

Liebster Awards!

I was honored to be nominated for a Liebster award by Shelby of Extraordinary. I really enjoy interacting with other bloggers and supporting one another, and opportunities like this are the perfect chance! I've answered these 11 questions below and have tagged 10 other new bloggers and asked them 11 questions at the end! I hope they continue the chain. 

1)    If you could do anything in the world, what would you do?

Lately I've been so inspired by young people traveling the world and living a nomadic lifestyle, such as blogger Jessica Stein of Tuula Vintage and vlogger Louis Cole from FunForLouis and FoodForLouis. It makes me want to drop everything and set off on a great adventure! However, the reasons apparently outweigh the pros, considering I haven't done so. My lifelong dream has been to be a costume designer and I feel like while I'm making strides, I don't want to pull out of the industry until I'm in the Costume Designer's Guild (the union). I feel like at that point, either between productions or instead of doing a season for a show, it would be a safer time to travel for an extended time, whereas right now I'm getting Costume Production Assistant jobs and making valuable connections since I just graduated in May. It is still tempting a little bit to drop everything and travel for a career but I don't know if I'm cut out for it or have the means. However, I am currently working on possible ways to see more of the world in the near future, even if traveling doesn't or can't become my career. My roommates and I are going to roadtrip to Montreal this Spring since it is only 6 hours by car in NYC. I had to cancel a San Francisco trip to see my sister this winter, but I plan to go there as soon as possible also! 

2)   If you had the choice to move ANYWHERE, where would you go and why?

Probably Paris, France. Or London. It's such a cop out, I know! After visiting China and Hong Kong, I couldn't imagine being comfortable living somewhere quite so exotic and far from the U.S. and what I'm used to for too long though I adore visiting places! In terms of traveling, I need to see Tokyo, India, Greece or Italy as soon as possible! 

3)   How did you decide on what to name your blog?

My blog was originally "ChicsShoesChick" which I made up when I was younger- it was the AIM name for a character in a story I was writing in middle school. I wanted something easier to say that was more me, though, because people tended to confuse the words "chic" and "chick" and everyone thought that I focused on shoes. I searched around for a couple words that described me, and modern and romantic were perfect. I talk about it in this blogpost, but essentially while I'm a modern independent, strong young woman, I still love and wear many of the styles of the more feminine, olden days. I love this article about girly and successful feminists on Hello Giggles, focusing on Zooey Deschanel. 

4)   What is your go-to look?

A cute blouse with a tucked-in skirt, a cardigan, leggings or tights, boots, and a couple fun accessories with a quick side ponytail. Of course I'll bring a long, strappy purse with me too. 

5)    What is your blog about?

I do outfit posts bi-weekly about my personal style and especially focus on vintage clothes, or pieces that myself or my mom has made. Each post features song lyrics that express my mood at the time, or relate to the outfit I'm wearing. I love the connection between fashion, and music. Occasionally I'll also do a post inspired by a film or something of the sort. In addition, myself (and a couple writer friends) cover different fashion events around the city whenever I get the chance, that people might not get to hear about if big publications don't write about them. I also use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Bloglovin' to promote my blog and interact with other bloggers! 

6)   Glass half empty or half full?

Full! I think of myself as the happiest most negative person sometimes. Yes, many parts of life are tough and terrible...frowning and moping won't make it any better so SMILE! 

7)    What is your favorite accessory?

Sunglasses. If you understand how completely different cat's eye sunglasses are from round frames or oversized rectangular frames are and how much they can change an outfit, you will understand! Plus, who doesn't like to pretend to be a celebrity...or somehow feel safer when men on the city streets cat-call or stare at you? 

8)   What is your favorite quote?

"Be careful, you may end up in my novel." - Anonymous 

9)   When life gives you lemons…

Put paint on them and do some cool artistic lemon stamping! I love sewing, DIY, and designing. 

10)  What is the number one thing you hope to accomplish in your lifetime?

Be as successful of a costume designer as possible, with a myriad of period productions under my belt. 

11)   What is your favorite song/band/singer?

I'm going to answer them all because I adore music and this blog is partly about how fashion and music intertwine. I am such an early 2000's kid when it comes to sounds and ideas of indie music were such a highlight of the music industry for me, and shaped my teenage years. Sufjan Stevens is my favorite singer, Los Campesinos! is my favorite band, and my favorite song is "Pitter Patter Goes My Heart" by Broken Social Scene. The favorite song question is so tough. 

Here are 10 new bloggers I really like with less than 200 followers on BlogLovin' that I've tagged. 

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I truly hope that you all choose to accept my offer and answer the questions below on your own blogs, and then tag 10 new bloggers (with less than 200 BlogLovin' followers). Ask them 11 questions of your choosing and share it with them to continue the chain and spread the Liebster Awards! 

1) Why did you decide to start a fashion blog? Please describe your blog. 

2) What are your personal goals for yourself this year, whether or not they are fashion and blog related?

3) Who is your fashion icon and why? Describe your ideal day spent with them!

4) Tell us about your personal style and what inspires you. 

5) If you could pick three cities to visit for free, where would you go and why?

6) If you could only wear one designer or brand who would it be? 

7) How and when did you gain an interest in fashion? 

8) Which band would you love to style?

9) What's your favorite movie?

10) What memory would you love to relive if you could? 

11) Which fashion magazine would you work for if you could pick?