Thursday, March 6, 2014

"My Heart Finds A Dream In These Unseen Hues"

Occasionally I wear pants (gasp!) and when I do, they're either some cool and comfortable pants or some well-fitted denim. These J. Crew trousers feel nice to the touch, have a gorgeous print, and have lovely leather detailing on the pockets. I still can't shake the notion that leggings, tights, or bare legs are more comfortable, but I do like the look of pants sometimes with certain shirts or shoes. 

I opted for punches of color with these pants, including a vintage mustard blouse, a Gap cardigan, and my beloved mulberry Anna Sui lace-up wedge booties. These jewel tones work together well because they're all around the same amount of color saturation. I accessorized with a collar necklace I bought at a market in China a couple years ago, and the bag that I take almost everywhere with me lately. It's hard to find a bag that's stylish, the perfect size (fits a water bottle!), matches almost everything, and I can wear or carry. It's made by the Lord & Taylor brand but I found it at one of the L train thrift shops. When I go out on weekends I tend to vary my bag choices, but during the work week I like to know all of the things that I need will definitely be in there.

Photography: Benjamin Benson

Outfit Highlights: J. Crew pants, Anna Sui wedges, and a Gap cardigan

Style Tip: Try to create a look that flows with every piece being an entirely different color! If you incorporate neutrals and the saturation is consistent, you'll come up with something not only colorful but refreshing.

Song of the Day: "Windstorm" by School of Seven Bells

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