Wednesday, April 23, 2014

"Don't You See Your Dreams Lie Right In The Palm Of Your Hand?"

It's amazing to have gone to school in my hometown of Connecticut with such a talented person as Ben Zweig. We were in school together since we were very young, both singing in choir throughout the years. I told him that I was looking to work with a broader range of photographers for my blog and that I had seen his fantastic work on his food blog. I didn't have a true grasp of his passion for photography until I met with him in person and saw the way he works. I'm simple honored that he photographed me and it was such fun to spend Easter Sunday shooting with him. I'll be sharing the sets of photos from the springtime themed shoot over the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned. In the mean time, please check out his website and learn more about Ben Zweig and his talents!

This look consists of a mish-mash of pieces! The blouse is from Maurice's from years ago. It used to be long-sleeved but it got damaged and my mother shortened it for me. It's special to me because first of all, it's hard to find pretty pieces that bright turquoise color, and secondly because I met my boyfriend Ben (Martini) when I was wearing it! Is it weird that I remember life through a series of outfits? With very important memories I remember exactly what I wore, no photographs needed. The printed shift dress was quickly and simply made by me out of some fabric my mother gave me from a yard sale that she didn't like but I just loved of course! The "necklace" is a drapery piece from my crazy high school days when I would go with my mother to interior design shops and get items for the home and make them into wearable pieces. Even though they would probably say I was Holly Hobbie or something on Project Runway, I feel so "me" in this slightly retro-feeling and colorful look and what's a better feeling than that? 

Photography: Ben Zweig 

Outfit highlights: Altered sheer blouse, handmade shift dress, and an interior design piece I made into a necklace. 

Song of the Day: "Ordinary Day" by Vanessa Carlton

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