Monday, April 21, 2014

My Brand New Youtube Channel!

I decided to start a youtube channel for a number of reasons. I wanted something else to do in a tiny apartment when I'm between my freelance gigs, and while I'd really like to sew more garments and open an Etsy shop or something of the sort I honestly don't have room! Welcome to living in midtown, Manhattan and being a young, creative professional, sigh. Anyway, when I was home at my parents' house doing physical therapy for a minor knee injury, I was really missing my friends, so I started watching youtube videos of people around my age, just hanging out and doing funny things. After a few days, I felt like I had become friends with Zoella (Zoe Sugg) and her gang of mostly British youtubers (Alfie, Tanya, Jim, Joe, Marcus, Caspar, Tyler, etc.). I thought it was super cool of them to put themselves out there and have a good laugh or inspire people, and seemed like something I could try! It would be especially fun to get friends or my boyfriend in my videos and then be able to watch it when I missed them and we were far away. Part of me almost thinks that everyone should have their own blog and youtube channel! They're great forms of self expression.

Anyway, I've always had a secret desire (I have a ton of secret desires, it's funny), to learn how to make simple videos but I never had the time to take a video class in high school or college. I don't plan to be a real filmmaker and learn to make any hardcore, really professional videos- if I was going to go into another side of the film production world it would certainly not be cinematography, it would have to be writing or producing! However, it's amazing what a simple camera, iMovie, and your imagination can create. I love trying new things, so all in all it just makes sense for me to give youtube a shot, plus my speaking and pronunciation has always been something I've felt that I needed to work on. It also sort of relates to my blog, as some of the bloggers I follow do both. It's great to see a side of someone through their writing or lifestyle or fashion photos, but video can open up a whole new world of possibility and allow you to really feel like you're friends!

While this is a fashion blog and some of the videos or vlogging I will do will relate to fashion and style, I obviously have a wide range of interests and I'm not sure if I should post every new video on here or just the ones related to fashion. I'm especially interested in filming any trips I might go on, which is called "travel vlogging", but I also want to try funny challenges with friends and my boyfriend. My boyfriend, Ben, is also starting a youtube channel which I'm excited to share and talk about when the time is right! I have a bunch of footage to still go through of videos and vlogs, but in the meantime, I have four videos up on my channel that I will link to here so far! I made most of them a few weeks ago but figured I would have to share them with my friends and blog community eventually, so secret's out and here it goes.

My First Video: About Me and My Channel

My First Haul Video: Charming Charlie, Kohl's, Sparkle, and Marshall's Finds!

Boyfriend and Girlfriend Tag with Ben (and lots of giggling)

Thanks for reading, and hopefully watching my first few videos! I really appreciate it, and would love any feedback (I know, I need to work on sound quality!) or suggestions for new video ideas. XOXO! 

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