Friday, April 25, 2014

"Love Like A Sunset"

I wouldn't normally wear a white dress with bright tights, but when it has a floral print with a couple subtle yet bright colors, I thought that it would be a fun pairing! If you don't already live in New York City and know this, the next time you visit check out the garment district for pop-up sale shops. I've found fun dresses such as this one, and nice bags from stores that are either pop-up shops, extensions of factories, or discount show rooms. This particular dress is from around the Herald Square area, but the entire district ranges from the mid 20's to high 40's in terms of streets, and would go from about 8th avenue to Broadway. Usually they are factories with an excess of products trying to sell them quick and cheaply so they are fun to browse for amazing deals. However, don't pay too much because often these kinds of places let you haggle. If you want somewhat cheaply priced quality, go to a designer sample sale. Though I don't care about brands too much, I would rather pay for something that I know for a fact is a quality name than a random tag in a somewhat sketchy garment district shop! Also, be sure there are no major imperfections since you will not be able to return it. I wouldn't pay more for 40 for a bag and 30 for an (amazing) dress from these sorts of stores to be honest. At the really cheap ones, you can find garments for 10 and it is so much fun to just get that type of deal and have something new to wear a few times!

This is the second series of photographs that I took with Ben Zweig. The last two sets are coming for next week's blogposts, and those are large but amazing sets of photos. Stay tuned because I can't wait to share them!

Photography: Ben Zweig

Outfit Highlights: Dress from a pop-up garment district sale shop, my mom's old pendant, booties from DSW, and tights from Uniqlo

Song of the Day: "Love Like A Sunset" by Phoenix 

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