Thursday, April 17, 2014

"How Many Acres and How Much Light, Tucked in the Woods and Out of Sight"

I love red, white and blue and Americana style, but it's hard to be patriotic in a non-cheesy way. It's not the Fourth of July or anything but a girl can still show her love of her country in a subtle way. Wearing two of the three colors and then adding the other as an accessory is a great option!
I got this vintage red and white floral skirt from one of the L Train Thrift Shops, a bunch of cheap but awesome vintage stores along the L Subway line in downtown NYC and Brooklyn. Wrap skirts are one of my favorite inventions ever because they fit so many different people well depending how tight you tie it! I paired it with a Topshop blouse, navy and white two-tone shoes, and some jewelry that was gifted to me. 

Photography: My camera timer! :) 

Outfit Highlights: Topshop shirt and vintage red skirt

Outfit tips: If you don't have any wrap skirts in your closet, you're missing out! They'll fit you whether you gain or lose weight and are so easy to throw on over a simple shirt. 

Song of the Day: "Mushaboom" by Feist

(Still blogging on my phone, long story, so no video but thank goodness for the decent blogger app on my iPhone anyway!) 

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