Monday, April 14, 2014

"To Tommy, From Zooey"- New Macy's Collection Panel with Zooey Deschanel and Tommy Hilfiger

It's no secret that I'm a huge Zooey Deschanel fan when it comes to her music and acting roles, as well as her fabulous personal style. I can't think of a better role model for girls trying to find the balance between being feminine and wearing dresses, and being strong and independent. She was one of the founders of a website called HelloGiggles, which helps girls realize that you can do both at once! Her new line of dresses are for a modern woman who likes to be girly and wear vintage-inspired pieces. She designed the collection with Tommy Hilfiger, and it was great to attend the discussion for the collection launch at Macys this Monday evening and hear about what went into their process.

The collection is comprised of sixteen dresses total, and designed around the color scheme of red, blue, and white. Having two quintessential American icons come together for a such a cute and preppy collection had splendid results and I feel like their design aesthetics worked well together. They call the theme of the collection "mod-ical", pulling together the words "mod" and nautical". 

When Zooey imagined the collection, she said her dream was to do a line of dresses. She said that she does in fact wear pants (shocker!) but for her, dresses are so easy to wear. Along with Mr. Hilfiger and the design team, they had to find the right length for the pieces so they would be stylish and not uncomfortable. Mr. Hilfiger explained that Zooey played a huge role in the design process, from choosing the shapes to finalizing details and picking out buttons. This is always impressive to hear when it comes to busy celebrities "designing" lines for various stores and brands, so I applaud Zooey for it. The pieces are very 1960's and 70's-inspired, and also use stripes in a new and interesting way. Ms. Deschanel explained that stripes were very close to her heart, but she hadn't seen them used creatively very often and wanted to change that. 

Several of the audience members were wearing dresses from the new line, and went up on stage to display them to the crowd! I personally adore the collection, and I can't think of better pieces that sum up the idea of being a "Modern Romantic", just like myself. Check out the collection at Macy's today. The dresses range from $98- $199. 

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