Tuesday, April 29, 2014

"You've Got The Music In You, Don't You?"

East Village is no doubt one of the most unique and exciting places to explore, wine, or dine. Just walking through for a short time with Ben Zweig, we stumbled upon so much colorful graffiti and a small garden we didn't know existed. I am so excited that it's crop top season again! If anyone would like me to, I can do a tutorial on this simple type of bustier you can make in a couple hours if you have basic sewing skills. It's easy, comfortable to wear and requires elastic instead of a zipper. Leave a comment on here or my social media if you would find it helpful. 

Sorry for my angry faces- this is why I'm a better designer/stylist and writer than model, but hey, I try! I promise I was having a ton of fun and was happy on the inside. And, a bunch of teenage boys were yelling things at us so that didn't help things at one of the locations. 

Photography: Ben Zweig

Outfit Highlights: Vera Wang for Kohl's cardigan, handmade crop top, Modcloth skirt, and Gap flats

Style Tip: People think that showing skin can be "trashy" but not at all! If you wear a crop top that fits well with a high-waisted skirt, especially one that flares out you are totally daytime appropriate and still ladylike in my opinion. Showing a couple inches is cute and looks a little retro. If it makes you more comfortable or the wind is blowing, throw a cardigan on.

Song of the Day: "West Coast" by Lana Del Rey because I cannot WAIT for the new album to come out! Every song on the last one was great which is so rare for me to personally find on any album, so that really excites me.

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