Tuesday, May 13, 2014

"You Go For A Walk In The Park 'Cause You Don't Need Anything"

What's black, white, and red (read) all over? A newspaper! Or, myself in this look. The great thing about a classic polka dot piece is how you can transition it throughout different seasons depending what you wear it with. If it was a little cooler out I would layer my red wool blazer and red tights with this look. I prefer to be able to wear as many pieces year-round as possible, which I'm not sure is more strange or practical! For my summertime ensemble though, I simply wore a printed red belt, red flats, and a red necklace with it. 

I had the great pleasure of working with an old friend from Madison who also moved to New York somewhat recently, Chelsea-Lynn Schulz. I had met her at a local fashion show in the UW-Madison community where she was modeling and I was showing a collection. She's discovered another passion, photography, and I was so happy to collaborate with her for a recent shoot! She is brilliant in her ability to beautifully capture a mood, and we shared a similar feel for what kinds of scenery and backgrounds we both like. The world is an exciting place that is just made for artistic collaborations of all sorts. 

Photography: Chelsea-Lynn Schulz

Outfit Highlights: Vintage this, vintage that

Style Tip: You can't really go wrong with red, white, and black. 

Song of the Day: "Walk In The Park" by Beach House

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