Tuesday, May 20, 2014

"I Turn My Head Up to the Sky; I Focus One Thought At A Time"

I love clothing inspired by architecture, whether it is done three-dimensionally, or printed like this dress! Samantha Pleet designed the gorgeous piece, which resembles a classical side of an old building but looks more geometric from further away. I was having my blue period during this shoot, I suppose, since the wall we found in East Village fit perfectly. This is another example of one of those times when a blogpost of mine more than demonstrates what my blog name means and how it fits me! 

Photography: Chelsea Lynn-Schulz

Outfit Highlights: Samantha Pleet, handmade belt by my mother, Nordstrom tights, and Kelly & Katie flats

Style Tips: To emphasize a unique dress, wear understated accessories like my gray and black ones. They go with the moody, "blue" feel of my ensemble.

Song of the Day: "Neopolitan Dreams" by Lisa Mitchell

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