Friday, May 16, 2014

"Life Can Be So Sweet, On the Sunny Side Of the Street!"

East Village has so much graffiti and a large amount of quaint, original gardens that the photoshoot options are just endless. One of the best gardens that I have ever visited there is "The Creative Little Garden", which my photographer Chelsea found. I would highly recommend visiting the adorable little space and be transported to another world...until you walk back out onto the city sidewalk! 

Mustard yellow is my favorite color hands-down so I immediately snatched this dress while vintage shopping a couple years ago. Even though Prince William said Kate looked like a banana in her yellow dress, I totally loved it! In fact I think that any dress that is one, bright color makes a fabulous statement on any woman, as long as that color suits her skintone. Speaking of which, I hope that everyone appreciated that I did not photoshop my bruises, because they are something that normal people get! 

Photography: Chelsea Lynn-Schulz

Outfit Highlights: Vintage dress and Urban Outfitters flats

Style Tips: Two-tone shoes go just splendidly with vivid mustard yellow!

Song of the Day: "On the Sunnyside of the Street" by Frank Sinatra

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