Monday, June 23, 2014

"And Me and My Guitar, We Strummed Along"

While the Michelle Branch song lyrics I chose for this post don't have too much to do with my turquoise outfit, I've been thinking about music and singing a lot lately. A couple friends and I are working on a few song covers (and maybe some songwriting too!) to perform at a coffeehouse. I hope everhone in the city will come for a fun and chill night. I'll announce it! I really missed singing and it's been so nice to even do it a little bit lately. I was in honors choir in high school and sang all four years, but in college joining the music booking committee didn't lead to any musical engagements unfortunately. Singing and knowing a coffeehouse performance is in the near future has made me so happy! Michelle Branch was one of my favorite growing up, and someone who's music inspired me to sing even if not professionally.

Anyway, onto the blog post! Sometimes I want to wear head-to-toe turquoise. Everyone has their colors, and blue is one of mine. I would wear this out to a club and make a bright statement. Even with dyed hair you shouldn't be afraid of adding more color. Summer is especially for fun, color, and happiness, so live a little!

Photography: Ben Benson

Outfit Highlights: Skirt by H&M and sandals by Fioni

Style Tips: Everyone goes dancing in sequins or black. Wear one bright color like turquoise to stand out and make a statement! 

Song of the Day: Sweet Misery by Michelle Branch

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