Friday, June 20, 2014

"They Judge Me Like A Picture Book By The Colors, Like They Forgot ToRead"

This past weekend I did something a bit sporadic. I got pink ombre! I had thought about it a few weeks, and when one of my best friends from way back in the day, Lindsay, said she wanted to try purple hair, I thought why not?! I originally wanted a more coral color like Sienna Miller and Lindsay wanted a lighter lavender but we comprised slightly in Chinatown to get a good price at "V" Salon. Crazy colors are semi-permanent anyway, and they will fade over time in the wash. While I'm not big on make-up, hair-related activities are fun for me! I feel way more spunky and exciting with my new hair. It's a perfect compromise between keeping your more natural color and dying your hair. I keep forgetting I have it and wonder why people give me double takes. Luckily where I work in film and costumes, anything goes!

On the day of the hair dye, I wore a somewhat simple vintage-y, summery outfit and ran into a Lana Del Rey poster promoting her fabulous new album, Ultraviolence. Since then I downloaded it from iTunes and adore it! "Brooklyn Baby" is my favorite, and reminds me a lot of something Metric would do. She has varied her singing style a little bit in other ways. She gets really spunky on "Pretty When You Cry" and it reflects Karen O in The Yeah Yeah Yeah's for me. I definitely recommend listening to the album. She is a 20-something female's spirit animal. This post was a little random and not so fashion related, but the next one will be! 

Photography: Lindsay Ontko

Outfit Highlights: Vintage, vintage, vintage (aka thrifted finds)

Song of the Day: "Brooklyn Baby" by Lana Del Rey

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