Sunday, June 29, 2014

You Can Do Anything That You Want, World Is An Oyster"

You've got to make the most of having colored hair while it lasts! Wearing black and white with minimal accessories really makes your crazy color the statement of your look. This is the perfect summer party outfit that I would wear to a club or dance bar. Summery crop tops are perfect for baring skin in the right place, yet staying covered elsewhere if you pair it with a high neckline and high-waisted bottoms. If you haven't quite done all of your crunches like me, the lower part of your tummy won't be exposed which makes life a lot easier. 

I want to give my friend Lindsay a special shout out for letting me use her Upper East Side roof! It provided some interesting backgrounds for photos as well as...toilets that had randomly been stashed up there and added some humor. Thanks, Lindsay!

Photography: Benjamin Benson

Outfit Highlights: Crop Top by Tobi and hand-me-down booties from my sister from ages ago

Style Tips: Add a touch of color like pink hair and a dangly necklace with red gems to a minimal, black and white look. 

Song of the Day: Paris by Kate Nash

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