Wednesday, July 30, 2014

"I come from Alabama with my banjo on my knee..."

I'm getting really excited for a coffeehouse performance with my friend soon! Quiet rules in my apartment don't let me play my banjo, but I still have it here and hope to bring it to my friend's place and be able to practice there soon for whenever performance #2 rolls around. My country side has really shown through in lots of my summer posts, and today more than ever. I definitely want a real house someday but don't know how I'll ever give up an apartment. Lots of my costume designer bosses have had both and live in two places so perhaps I'll take their lead! 

This dress is from the Beacon Closet in Park Slope and is by Betsey Johnson. I got it a few years ago and still adore it! I would recommend that spot over the other location. In terms of actual thrift shopping though my favorite shops are the L train thrift stores. I'm planning another trip soon! An owl necklace, a flower ring, and two-tone oxfords complete the look. 

Style Tips: Try matching your accessories right to your ensemble! 

Outfit Highlights: Betsey Johnson dress

Song of the Day: "Oh Susannah" 

Monday, July 28, 2014

"Here I Am, A Rabbit Hearted Girl Frozen in the Headlights"

This weekend was almost too eventful. I went to the rooftop of Ink48 hotel Friday night which has one of my favorite city views. Saturday I went to brunch and then the Charles James exhibit at the Met as well as their beautiful and sunny rooftop garden. Then the evening was spent at a biergarden in Astoria. Sunday I had brunch in LES and then visited the New York Botanical Garden way up in the Bronx, which was all followed by band practice with my friend. The weekend was spent with some good friends I hadn't seen in some time, but next weekend I hope to relax a little more and slow it down when my mom visits! 

Definitely follow my other adventures on Instagram by the way if you haven't already, @modernromantic where I post all of my best photos of my everyday activities! I am working on a tumblr by the way as well as new youtube content! And I am getting ready for an upcoming coffeehouse performance with my other musical friend that I mentioned. It's a busy but satisfying life. 

I suppose you may be wondering where this delightful dress is from. On the way to the Met, my roommate and I happened upon a cute vintage store called LoveDay31 and the best dress in there happened to be on sale. I adore the sheer fabric which I wore a slip with, and most of all I love the lace-y sailor collar. It makes me wonder what it's story is because every piece of clothing has a story. I'm pretty sure it's handmade, so I can add it to my random collection of handmade dresses by people I would love to thank but don't know and never will!


(me forgetting to take any detail shots until I was home!)

Photography: Lindsay Ontko and Alexandra Nasto

Outfit Highlights: Dress from the vintage Astoria boutique Loveday31

Style Tips: Always wear a hat to a garden and don't forget your sunscreen like I did!

Song of the Day: "Rabbit Heart" by Florence and the Machine

Thursday, July 24, 2014

"Am I wrong for trying to reach the things that I can't see?"

I'm going for a modern-day Edie Sedgewick vibe today on the blog if you couldn't tell. I had this fantastic polaroid camera sitting around my room because it looked cool, and I figured it would be a great accessory when I went super mod on the blog. I got the camera in elementary school at a yard sale and a friend and I took photos on it in her driveway of us on broomsticks like we were witches.

My look is a pretty straightfoward and cute but easy to wear outfit, albeit the slightly scratchy sequins. I would wear this ensemble to a party or an informal work event. I actually made one of my friends wear this exact shirt and pair of leggings and lug the camera around Brooklyn two Halloweens ago as Edie (she had short blonde hair and no costume planned!). Since the days that I have stopped pretending I am a witch (except Halloween when Ben and I were Ron and Hermione), this camera clearly gets used as a prop more often but I hope to change that soon. If anyone knows of places to get cheap polaroid film, please be my guest and share them with me! 

Photography: Ben Benson

Outfit Highlights: A vintage sequin shirt from Princeton, NJ and H&M shiny black leggings. The necklace was a gift. 

Style Tips: When wearing sequins, there's no need to go overboard on jewelry. Pair the look with one statement piece. And this is coming from the queen of accessorizing! 

Song of the Day: "Am I Wrong?" by Nico & Vinz

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ancient hieroglyphic or the South Pacific, typically terrific; busy and prolific. Classical devotion, architect promotion, lacking in emotion; think about it now..."

The best two things about my new apartment are that I have a lovely view of the city out most of my windows, and a balcony overlooking trees. My roommate named our new place "The Treehouse!" Besides drinking margaritas on the porch and getting a planter for fresh herbs, I plan to take advantage of the outdoor space by having picnics. I figured to make this blogpost more interesting, I would throw together a fancy little tea party scene. It would be fun to work for a magazine and style scenes like this one, but on the other hand this no-pressure kind of blogpost is so relaxing and enjoyable! Working in fashion and then the entertainment industry let me learn that sometimes it's better to do things for fun than professionally. 

Photography: Benjamin Benson

Style Tip: Don't over-accessorize a fruity dress unless you're Katy Perry. 

Outfit Highlights: Modcloth dress and vintage everything else!

Song of the Day: "Come On, Feel the Illinoise!" by Sufjan Stevens (Though I was super tempted to do that "Tea Party" Smirnoff ad which you MUST see if you haven't because it's still one of the best things on youtube.)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Caroline Design: DIY, Reversible Bandeau Crop Top Tutorial!

In lieu of a second outfit post this week I bring you my first ever youtube sewing tutorial! It shows you how to make a bandeau crop top without a pattern, just from your measurements some fabric, and basic sewing supplies. I've been working on it for quite some time. I actually filmed it before I went to Texas, and then edited it slowly but didn't have a chance to finish and completely upload it until tonight. It's broken down into two parts, and I first go over supplies and measurements and then how to make it step-by-step. I found a lot of youtube tutorials were too general or went too fast, so I decided to cover absolutely everything and every tip along the way for sewers. I feel like I even went too fast, but the video is meant to be paused or re-played!

I find that both expensive and cheaper stores sell easy-to-make items for ridiculous prices. Why are poorly-made elastic-waist skirts $30 or more dollars at H&M for example? You can make that at home very easily, in your own choice of fabric, and do a more careful job than their factory sewers if you wish.

I am not a professional sewing teacher or total expert, just a crafty, creative girl with a desire to teach other people how to make their own clothes and accessories.  I will focus on easier projects since I'm not going to show you how to drape a ballgown or anything! If you get that into it, you should take a design class or even enroll in school. I highly encourage it, and you'll be trained by professionals who will teach you much much more than I ever could. I hope you enjoy my videos nonetheless, and have a great week. Look forward to two regular blogposts next week!

PS- PLEASE like/comment/subscribe on my videos if you watched and have an account where you are able to. I know this is annoying and everyone on youtube says it, but it means a lot to all of us on youtube when you do more than watch the video, especially if you really liked it!

Part One:

Part Two: 

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Monday, July 14, 2014

"I've been waiting for a guide to come and take me by the hand..."

I know I am a tad behind on this week's blogposts. I am still keeping with two a week, the days just seem to get away from me in the summertime and I keep lagging behind on the blogposts. I'll let missing a second post on the weekend of the fourth slide, since it was a holiday weekend! I don't want to stress too too much about something I do for fun, but I do want to keep providing content to those who enjoy it!

While it's easier to take photos when it's warm out, actually doing the blogging and writing is easier in winter. There's less distractions and I obviously spend more time inside, cozied up in my bed or on the couch. Anyway, my present to you all, for being behind schedule because of work and life, are more photos than usual! Ben Benson did such a lovely and creative job with this set of photos, that even though I feel a tad vain posting this many of myself in a row, I wanted you all to see his work. I couldn't pick just a handful so here are about twenty of them instead! This time it isn't just about the purpose of showing the different views of the outfit and detail shots, it's about his artistic vision as well. There's not much to say about my outfit, but I will say that I hope some of these end up on tumblr somewhere...with credit of course! 

Photography: Benjamin Benson

Outfit Highlights: Joy Division tee, vintage shorts, and vintage boots. Don't forget the blue ring pop!

Style Tips: I love accessorizing, but sometimes when you have colored hair it speak for itself and you don't need much else with a slightly rocker, punk look!

Song of the Day: "Disorder" by Joy Division of course

Saturday, July 5, 2014

"Like An American..."

Fourth of July deserves a funny, slightly tacky outfit. I went all-out Americana, especially being in the Washington DC area where patriotism is especially in full effect. It's been a nice, relaxing weekend so far, celebrating my boyfriend Ben's birthday, as well as the USA's! 

I think I've work this vest and skirt combo the past three years on July fourth since it's the perfect color scheme and comfortable for the weather. I found a bandana and sunglasses that I'll be able to use for the rest of the summer at little NYC shopping tourist traps. Summer just feels extra american to me, and especially with Memorial Day and Labor Day, there's many excuses to wear american flag accessories and colors. Next year I'll have to go shopping though for a new, festive look since I've played this one out the past few holidays.

Now we can all get back to drinking tea, watching Downton Abbey, and wearing union jacks!

Photography: Ben Martini

Outfit Highlights: Wisconsin "Grateful Red" basketball shirt, an old skirt I used to wear for tennis in high school, and a vintage vest. 

Style Tip: Red, white, and blue. 'Nuff said. 

Song of the Day: "American" by Lana Del Rey (my favorite Lana song!!)