Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Caroline Design: DIY, Reversible Bandeau Crop Top Tutorial!

In lieu of a second outfit post this week I bring you my first ever youtube sewing tutorial! It shows you how to make a bandeau crop top without a pattern, just from your measurements some fabric, and basic sewing supplies. I've been working on it for quite some time. I actually filmed it before I went to Texas, and then edited it slowly but didn't have a chance to finish and completely upload it until tonight. It's broken down into two parts, and I first go over supplies and measurements and then how to make it step-by-step. I found a lot of youtube tutorials were too general or went too fast, so I decided to cover absolutely everything and every tip along the way for sewers. I feel like I even went too fast, but the video is meant to be paused or re-played!

I find that both expensive and cheaper stores sell easy-to-make items for ridiculous prices. Why are poorly-made elastic-waist skirts $30 or more dollars at H&M for example? You can make that at home very easily, in your own choice of fabric, and do a more careful job than their factory sewers if you wish.

I am not a professional sewing teacher or total expert, just a crafty, creative girl with a desire to teach other people how to make their own clothes and accessories.  I will focus on easier projects since I'm not going to show you how to drape a ballgown or anything! If you get that into it, you should take a design class or even enroll in school. I highly encourage it, and you'll be trained by professionals who will teach you much much more than I ever could. I hope you enjoy my videos nonetheless, and have a great week. Look forward to two regular blogposts next week!

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Part One:

Part Two: 

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