Wednesday, July 30, 2014

"I come from Alabama with my banjo on my knee..."

I'm getting really excited for a coffeehouse performance with my friend soon! Quiet rules in my apartment don't let me play my banjo, but I still have it here and hope to bring it to my friend's place and be able to practice there soon for whenever performance #2 rolls around. My country side has really shown through in lots of my summer posts, and today more than ever. I definitely want a real house someday but don't know how I'll ever give up an apartment. Lots of my costume designer bosses have had both and live in two places so perhaps I'll take their lead! 

This dress is from the Beacon Closet in Park Slope and is by Betsey Johnson. I got it a few years ago and still adore it! I would recommend that spot over the other location. In terms of actual thrift shopping though my favorite shops are the L train thrift stores. I'm planning another trip soon! An owl necklace, a flower ring, and two-tone oxfords complete the look. 

Style Tips: Try matching your accessories right to your ensemble! 

Outfit Highlights: Betsey Johnson dress

Song of the Day: "Oh Susannah" 

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