Tuesday, July 1, 2014

"So I went to that party and everyone, they were kind of arty. And I was wearing this dress because I wanted to impress. But I wasn't sure if I looked my best, 'cause I was so nervous..."

I love dresses that are a combination of flirty and old-fashioned. This vintage-inspired frock is just the right length, and shows a little skin on the shoulders but the floral design and color are romantic and evoke another time. Some high socks, a cameo brooch and a 1890's era hat evoke the past as well, but pink hair does the trick with adding another modern element. Yet another post that exemplifies the name and theme of my blog and my lifestyle! 

My hair has already started to fade a lot since these photos were taken, and it was only dyed a couple weeks ago. Does anyone have any recommendations types of hair dye to buy? I need to re-do it soon already and plan to just do it myself! It can't be that hard to dye half of your hair yourself...right? I am so not ready for the pink summer color to be gone. I guess they hair dye they used wasn't the best, but ah well. 

Photography: Benjamin Benson

Outfit Highlights: Vintage cameo from an antique flea market, Forever21 dress, and Steve Madden t-strap heels

Style Tips: Pair edgy, modern elements with timeless or old-fashioned pieces for the best kind of outfit twist!

Song of the Day: "We Get On" by Kate Nash

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