Saturday, August 30, 2014

"She keeps Moet et Chandon in her pretty cabinet. Let them eat cake' she says, Just like Marie Antoinette."

Yesterday I roadtripped further north from San Francisco to Napa Valley and the surrounding vineyards on my first full day back in California. I haven't been to the state in three years, and this time I am finally able to legally drink in all the pleasures of the state. It was an even more gorgeous place than I could imagine, and I kept thinking that I must be in Tuscany! I was overwhelmed with how many wineries there were to chose from. Many hundreds, perhaps even a thousand total were shown on maps, but every one we drove by had unique beauty to it with the style and design of the buildings and surrounding land. 

We stopped by several including the notable "castles" of Castello di Amorosa and Chateau Montelena wineries, as well as Sterling Vineyards where we got to take a tram up a mountain overlooking the vineyards! My favorite wine was too tough to say, not that I am a wine connoisseur or expert by any means, but I did enjoy the bubbly rose Moscato that was girly and fruity. It reminded me of the one I had at my birthday last year so I loved that they threw that in at the end. 

The first photos I'm sharing with you are of what I wore, which was a green silk chiffon Catherine Malandrino dress that was gifted to me, accessorized with a floppy hat, tapestry bag, and some gold jewelry. If you're also interested in the travel part please check out the rest of the photos below my normal post. If you like it when I do travel blogging please comment on here or my social media and I will continue to do so whenever I take trips or have extra-interesting excursions because I hope you enjoy it as much as me!

Outfit Highlights: Catherine Malandrino dress, H&M belt, hat from a vendor in SoHo, and tapestry bag from Amazon

Style Tips: When in NoCal, prepare to have a sweater or light jacket in the morning, take it off at lunch time, and put it back on again at night! I wore a leather jacket to the first winery (there's a photo on my instagram page) and took it off and added a hat as the day went on. Be prepared and fashionable. 

Photography: Ashley Laurel

Song of the Day: "Killer Queen" by Queen

Friday, August 29, 2014

A Caroline Design: Easiest Kimono DIY Tutorial Ever!

Have fun and create your own stylish kimono using my simple tutorial. Use any fabric you like and add fringe or any other trim. I recommend a thin cotton for transitioning into fall. Let me know if you have any questions and I hope you enjoy the tutorial AND your awesome, unique piece! THANKS FOR WATCHING :)

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Twitter: @modern_romantic

Monday, August 25, 2014

"You Come Beating Like Moth's Wings"

I finally got around to making a kimono just in time for the end of summer! I'm excited to welcome in early fall with some dark but colorful hues with this piece. My mother had this fabric on her shelf for absolutely ages. I was attracted to it, but couldn't figure out what to do with it until I saw many fashionistas wearing kimonos around the city and was inspired! The fancy fringe had been sitting around in my sewing bin for a year and a half, ever since I had planned to use it on my first semester final evening gown project but didn't end up needing it. It was pricier than the fabric, I'm sure, but a simpler fringe at a better price option can definitely be found. I accessorized the look simply and wore a basic outfit underneath so that the focus is on the main attraction. I'll have a DIY video for the easiest kimono ever up by tomorrow! It's perfect for those who like to be creative but can't fit too big of a project into their schedule, or for those who are just getting started sewing and designing. I can't wait to share the video with you and I hope many of you will try it out yourselves and have your own unique, dream kimono. 

Photography: Ben Benson

Outfit Highlights: Handmade Kimono and bronze sandals from Chadwicks from forever-ago!

Style Tip: Let the main focus be on your star attraction when you've made something yourself whether it is clothing or an accessory. 

Song of the Day: Moth's Wings by Passion Pit

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

"Wanna Fall Into Your Super Love"

Summer's not over yet and you've still got time to wear your jellies around, or order some on sale if you haven't already! I got my clear glitter pair on amazon because places like American Apparel jack the price of these simple plastic shoes way up. I paired them with a simple white dress that can be made fancier or more casual depending on how you style it and where you wear it. 

I've been wishing I could find a pair of 'vintage' (they're barely old enough to be called that) jellies from the 1990's for the past few summers and then they came back on the market recently! Both heeled and flat jellies in all colors have been all of the rage in the city this summer with the hip, downtown and Brooklyn crowd. I've seen some of them wear them with socks which I'm not a fan of when it comes to jellies, though shoes and socks can look adorable when done in a more chic way a la Anna Sui. I typically like slightly thinner heels as well, but this style doesn't have too high of a heel, and it works with the chunky style. However I don't recommend much higher of a super chunky heel if you're going to do it in a modern way or you'll look like an outdated kid from the 90's, or someone from Austin Powers! A couple re-popularized 90's trends have been in stores and on streets each year lately so we'll see what fashion brings to us next! I think that in the future, people are going to be very confused with which pieces are from what time period if they go thrift shopping. 

Photography: Ben Benson

Outfit Highlights: Dress from a shop in Astoria, shoes from Amazon, and gifted necklace

Style Tip: Try a black, white, and clear look.

Song of the Day: Superlove by Charli XCX because these shoes are a less-intense version of her style!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

"A Little Party Never Killed Nobody!"

Yesterday I attended the 9th annual Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governor's Island. It was one of the best events that I have ever attended in my life! It was fun just sitting on our blanket eating the picnic we brought and drinking St. Germain's, and people watching with live music in the background. Unfortunately I missed the period-accurate dance performances by a couple different dance troupes because the ferry line was just so long, and it was a ways from Queens to begin with. If you go next year get there as early as possible! Here are my photos from a day spent back in the Roaring 20's, and my outfit photos follow! 

I wore a gray dress that was a hand-me-down gift from a family friend and neighbor with an H&M lace shirt over it. I added some jewelry I'd had for a while that fit the decade. I wore shoes that my sister had given me ages ago for The Great Gatsby Dance in high school, which was now perhaps 5 or more years ago! Back then, I wore a white fringe dress but since this was a daytime picnic I opted for a lighter look. In high school I was awarded best dressed, but NYC is a bit different than Avon, Connecticut and these people dressed to kill in period accurate garb. If there was a contest, I would barely dare to enter it! The picnic basket and parasol were recent purchases that I got to decorate my room. The parasol was hanging from my bedroom ceiling but fell off one night, so I'll need to re-evaluate that situation! My hair was tucked under and pinned into a fake bob. I sprayed the heck out of it and wore a couple headbands over it, but it still started to fall out and itch so my friend Christine (in orange) helped me re-do it and twisted it around the headbands which also looked gorgeous! Props to her. 

Photography: Maryann, Christine, and myself

Festival Style Tip: Bring extra bobby pins and hair ties, as well as a picnic basket of free food. And stick around past the end for freebies from vendors. 

Outfit Highlights: My favorite part of my ensemble was my parasol which I enjoyed passing around so others could have fun photo opps too! It was one of the cheapest lace options on Amazon, but I also recommend checking out dollar stores in your area. Or if you live near a Chinatown, an asian-inspired umbrella would do the trick and was popular during that era.

Song of the Day: "A Little Party Never Killed Nobody" by Fergie from the Great Gatsby Soundtrack. Jay would be proud!