Saturday, August 30, 2014

"She keeps Moet et Chandon in her pretty cabinet. Let them eat cake' she says, Just like Marie Antoinette."

Yesterday I roadtripped further north from San Francisco to Napa Valley and the surrounding vineyards on my first full day back in California. I haven't been to the state in three years, and this time I am finally able to legally drink in all the pleasures of the state. It was an even more gorgeous place than I could imagine, and I kept thinking that I must be in Tuscany! I was overwhelmed with how many wineries there were to chose from. Many hundreds, perhaps even a thousand total were shown on maps, but every one we drove by had unique beauty to it with the style and design of the buildings and surrounding land. 

We stopped by several including the notable "castles" of Castello di Amorosa and Chateau Montelena wineries, as well as Sterling Vineyards where we got to take a tram up a mountain overlooking the vineyards! My favorite wine was too tough to say, not that I am a wine connoisseur or expert by any means, but I did enjoy the bubbly rose Moscato that was girly and fruity. It reminded me of the one I had at my birthday last year so I loved that they threw that in at the end. 

The first photos I'm sharing with you are of what I wore, which was a green silk chiffon Catherine Malandrino dress that was gifted to me, accessorized with a floppy hat, tapestry bag, and some gold jewelry. If you're also interested in the travel part please check out the rest of the photos below my normal post. If you like it when I do travel blogging please comment on here or my social media and I will continue to do so whenever I take trips or have extra-interesting excursions because I hope you enjoy it as much as me!

Outfit Highlights: Catherine Malandrino dress, H&M belt, hat from a vendor in SoHo, and tapestry bag from Amazon

Style Tips: When in NoCal, prepare to have a sweater or light jacket in the morning, take it off at lunch time, and put it back on again at night! I wore a leather jacket to the first winery (there's a photo on my instagram page) and took it off and added a hat as the day went on. Be prepared and fashionable. 

Photography: Ashley Laurel

Song of the Day: "Killer Queen" by Queen

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