Friday, September 19, 2014

Exclusive Menswear Post: "This Charming Man"

I used to write for College Fashionista, which was a lot of fun, don't get me wrong, but it's great having my own blog now. I try to stick to somewhat of a schedule posting about biweekly, but can do less or more as I please. And my posts can be about whatever I like! I'm sure you all have seen enough of me lately, so here's a special autumn menswear edition to the blog, featuring my boyfriend Ben. What a model! 

He's wearing three looks that can bring you from summer to fall. The first is a Theory suit with Saks brand oxfords and a Paul Smith shirt. The suit is a fantastic, soft woven material that you won't just want to wear to work! Invest in a comfortable and fashionable suit- there are so many options on out there on the market right now! 

His second look is my favorite, in which he is part rockstar (hey he did percussion for his town's summer musical) and part poet (he sends eloquent texts sometimes)! His John Varvatos linen shirt is light and breathes well, but is in an attractive dark purple shade. A black Zara vest, Levi's, and Steve Madden boots complete the look. If you don't own military style boots yet, snag some! I love these two tone fabric and leather ones. 

His last look is the most "Ben", with a casual pair of pants and t-shirt. His beloved converse are paired with Acne pants that bring a little bright color into a fall wardrobe. He adores his super soft Club Monaco supima cotton tee! 

Major thanks to Ben for dealing with another one of my fun, crazy ideas for this post, and letting me experiment a little with menswear. Dressing men is such an important part of my costume design jobs. Having studied womenswear fashion design, I'm trying to get more into the swing of things when it comes to clothing male actors. Unfortunately way more men than women are on screen (the film industry is male dominated in general), but regardless, they need to look fabulous to play their part! Cheers to fall menswear fashion. 

Photography: Myself

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Song of the Day: "This Charming Man" by The Smiths

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