Monday, September 22, 2014

"Have you ever wished your life would change? Woke up and you lived your dreams?"

This outfit is the epitome of mixing and matching. While it all looks coordinated, the pieces all come from very different places. The shoes and Ted Baker blouse are new items, but the lace collar is a piece that my mom gave me from back in the day. I love that collars are still having a moment, and I especially adore peter pan ones. Sailor collars are fantastic too, as well as other unique or vintage-y styles. This kind of detachable collar can really pull an outfit together just right. I am also wearing a handmade skirt that I had to make at FIT. They required some basic pattern work from all of their students, so of course I picked a comfy and cute paisley print cotton from Mood fabrics. For blues being my best color, I should definitely wear them more. It's hard to find really quality-looking items in this kind of lovely shade. What your most flattering color, or favorite color to wear? Comment below! 

This was from the last time I took photos with pink in my hair! It faded out and then I dyed blonde over it to get back to my easier routine. I am considering light red hair or bangs, though. I like fun changes, though other important things in my life should always stay the same, end of story.

Photography: Ben Martini

Style Tip: Mix new finds with vintage or handmade pieces for a truly unique look!

Outfit Highlights: My mom's old lace collar, a Ted Baker blouse, and a handmade skirt

Song of the Day: Change Your Life by Iggy Azalea

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