Tuesday, September 9, 2014

"I found some kind of fairytale, Nolita Fairytale"

Welcome to my 100th blog post! I had to make it a personal street style one. My photographer, Ben Benson accompanied me to a couple fashion shows this season, and he snapped some looks of mine! This is what I wore to my first show of the Spring 2015 season, the brilliant Katya Leonovich at Chelsea Piers. My colorful but hopefully elegant look consisted of a Catherine Malandrino dress, Aldo sandals, and vintage accessories. I've been really into off-the-shoulder clothing whether that's done symmetrically or not, like this dress. I was excited that my new peacock hairclip from Chinatown in San Francisco matched my outfit perfectly!

I'm going to say goodbye to my pink hair soon, because it's such a pain to dye myself weekly, which is the easiest and most affordable option for me. However, it was super fun to try out and I felt a bit daring so who knows what I could do next? Wearing any of my clothes, accessories, or hairstyles anywhere else in the country I tend to get stared at more (hopefully in a good way?) but here I feel like I barely stand out which makes it easier to try new things. I feel like the sidewalks support fashion risks and the streets are calling your name, too!

Photography: Ben Benson

Outfit Highlights: Catherine Malandrino dress and Aldo shoes

Style Tip: Wear a bag big enough or long enough to hide your flats which you'll wear out of the eye of other Fashionista's at the event you are attending! Actually, they probably all saw me change before and after right outside, but I wasn't going to walk 4 avenues to the subway in 4 inch heels, cute as they are.

Song of the Day: "Nolita Fairytale" by Vanessa Carlton

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