Saturday, September 13, 2014

Spring 2015 Fashion Show Review: Dorin Negrau

My fashion week correspondant Maryann Samreth attended the Spring 2015 Dorin Negrau Fashion Show for me, and snapped some photos of his latest collection. The clothing displayed how to do a primarily black and white theme while maintaining interest in design, texture, and styling. Negrau used leather and lace for a sweet and feminine meets dark and mysterious collection of looks. His models looked straight out of a dramatic re-invention of another period where the plot suddenly twists and you realize the damsel is actualy a ghostly witch upon re-examination. The models looked elegant on one hand, but some were partly exposed and they all had lips resembling sutures. He himself said that they were inspired by Dracula and vampires, but it can of course be up to your own interpretation of the subject.

Dorin Negrau used a variety of stand out pieces to create his world, such as re-invented peasant blouses, embroidered belts, and large earrings perhaps harking from a flamenco dancer. Aside from those stand out elements throughout, the most memorable part of his collection was the use of a more fashionable version of a spiderweb, draped over models and then used as a skirt fabric. The sexy meets scary collection makes you wonder if the models were perhaps really zombies, but could a zombie be so beautiful? 

Photography: Maryann Samreth

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