Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Spring 2015 Fashion Show Review: Georgine

The Georgine Spring 2015 Show took place yesterday afternoon at Lincoln Center. This is one of the shows that I was looking forward to seeing the most, because of how she always manages to combine the beautiful with the unique and make it work together so brilliantly. The show begun with a stormy clap of thunder and then the gorgeous looks began coming down the runway. 

The collection's inspiration was St. Tropez in the 1970's, and featured feminine silhouettes throughout. Speaking with the designer herself, Georgine Ratelbrand, she said the work of American photographer Slim Aarons provided her with inspirational images of jet-setters on vacation back in the day. The women in the photos who were clothed only in swimwear and one in particular in a turban, were specific photographs she mentioned. She herself vacationed in the south of Thailand and mentioned living in her bikini and the clothing items that she would throw over it to go to dinner. 

In the runway sequence fitted lame pieces were seen alongside gauzier, flowy ones, followed by some retro style swimsuits. The colors ranged from bright whites, browns, and blacks to a few pastels or brighter pops of color thrown in. While I'm sure many women including myself would wear nearly everything from the collection, my favorite was a small pink striped, ruffled crop top and matching draped skirt. All of the pieces were sexy but still classy and feminine which is what the brand does best. 

Many models had flowing waves, and some were adorned with floppy hats or turbans that were often in the same fabrics of the clothing they were worn with. Some of the most notable pieces aside from the headpieces were the bags and towels. The purses ranged from a lifeguard's buoy-inspired shape that even resembled the real material, to swim totes sporting "S.S. Georgine" and "Summertime". I also adored the fuzzy towels, my favorite which said "No Diving" on it. While the clothing was truly beautifully executed, the accessories were a real show stopper! 

Photography: Myself

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  1. Love the mint and metallics! I bet the show as so dreamy in person. Thanks for sharing :)

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