Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Spring 2015 Fashion Show Review: Karolyn Pho

The Karolyn Pho Spring 2015 show took place at Chelsea Piers to a crowd eager to see her sophomore collection debut. I myself had the pleasure of seeing her first show last season, and looked forward to seeing how she would depict her minimalism style this time. The show began with a soft, mysterious voice talking and went into an ethereal soundtrack, and the models began walking out with their cool, slicked-back hair. Med-deco Miami architecture influenced the pastel and neutral color palette, with a few pops of color. 

Karolyn is a master at mixing so many different kinds of fabrics in her looks, and having them all work for the type of women that she is designing for because of the cuts, silhouettes, and styling. I enjoyed how she juxtaposed sparkly palette fabric on a couple dresses and a shirt with plain blue fabric used in a modern version of workwear uniforms. One piece in particular looked like a lighter, feminine take on a pair of coveralls typically seen at a car repair shop, which was very interesting and I can totally see trendsetters in Brooklyn or downtown picking it up. Another one of my favorite elements was the giant, furry and woven clutches. Those were the perfect statement pieces to add to her collection. I'm so happy that I got to attend her second collection show, and already can't wait to see what she has is working on for next season!

In speaking with Karolyn after the show, I learned a little more about the background of the collection and her vagabond inspiration and the reason behind being minimalistic.

Caroline: Congratulations on another fantastic collection! I love the mix of the feminine workwear with the glittery pieces you also had.

Karolyn: Thanks so much!

Caroline: So can you tell me about your thought process for this collection?

Karolyn: It started out as me living out of a suitcase on friends' couches and sublets and all over the place. So, I took on the story of a vagabond and moving from place to place, and not really having a place to live, and the charm and character of her spirit.

Caroline: Definitely, and so did you think of more of a young person?

Karolyn: No, it's not really dictated by age. I think it's like a point in your life where you don't really have a place to call home. Something happens to you, and you realize that there's so few things that you actually need.

Caroline: Yeah! And where do you see Karolyn Pho headed in the future?

Karolyn: Another collection; I hope another season! Get bigger, and bigger, and bigger and I hope to see you again.

Caroline: Definitely, see you next time! Thanks so much.

Photography: Myself

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