Thursday, September 11, 2014

Spring 2015 Fashion Show Review: Luar Zepol

Yesterday afternoon, Luar Zepol showed his cool kid looks at his show at Webster Hall. I was very excited to attend a show that was completely menswear, and have it be something so unique and memorable. The up and coming label Luar Zepol stems from the designer's first name, backwards. The designer Raul Lopez presented an eclectic, avant garde show depicting the many different races he grew up with in school. 

I could see right off the bat that the show was inspired by different types of cool and misfit boys in school, with their punky hair, clothes and backpacks. It was a more mature, wearable take on the punk scene- instead of ripping the clothing like a teenager would, Raul finished it with interesting bandings in contrasting colors. I loved the use of plastic zip ties integrated into the spiky hair that complimented the models' looks. Even small details like paint on the faces and decals on the models nails were attended to. Raul went completely above and beyond the crowd's expectations, with a collection that was crazy in the best way from the hardcore music to his boys creating a circle of unity at the end while lights flashed. The only problem for me was not being able to take clear enough photos with the interesting lights changing the whole show! Raul's brand is a true representation of who he is and where he came from, and he gave me more insight on his design and venue choices after the show. 

Caroline: How did you decide to chose your venue, since this concert venue is so unique for a fashion show? 

Raul: Actually, I used to come to this club since freshman year in high school, and I actually wanted to tap into that era in my life. This is one of the only clubs that still exists of this multitude in New York.

Caroline: So it sounded like your influence was a bit of your high school experience? 

Raul: As a freshman in high school, coming from a predominately Latin junior high school in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and then going to Flushing, Queens; it was all different races. So with the denim, I actually wanted to represent everybody's skin tone. And the corseting straps you see on the models was the mixing all of these different races and genres together. 

Caroline: So if you could dress any kind of person, what is your ideal Luar Zepol man? 

Raul: The man of tomorrow, today.

Caroline: Which celebrity would you outfit? A musicians or actor or model or someone else?

Raul: Everyone. They have to be like me, since I'm a little bit of everybody. I'm into art, and everything, just name it. The collection is a real representation of me. It's my name backwards, so it's like all aspects of my life. I'm not a writer, so this is the only way I can write- through my clothing.

Caroline: You did a beautiful job, thank you so much! 

Photography: Myself

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