Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Spring 2015 Fashion Show Review: Zang Toi

Zang Toi's show featured an enthusiastic crowd that was very much there in support of the designer's 25th Anniversary. I heard many around me say they knew Toi personally, but there was the usual array of press and celebrities like Whoopie Goldberg in the audience as well. Toi's collection featured an Americana theme, with the song "American Woman" by The Guess Who blasting full force as the first model strutted out. The models had sultry hairdo's in waves, or updo's with flowers complimenting their looks. 

I would sum the show up with the phrase "Americana elegance". The womenswear included some work pieces as well as some beautiful and classic eveningwear to finish. My favorite piece was a long, white, glittery jacket with ruffle frills on the sleeves and bottom. It reminded me of old Hollywood, like something a dramatic 1930's starlet would wear as a dressing gown around her house. Zang Toi also featured menswear that complimented the womens' pieces alongside them. A man in black leather pants could be seen along the women in rock and roll black and white looks, a white tux went with the black and white ballgowns, and some amazing red striped blazers were seen on both men and women. Zang Toi definitely celebrated his heritage, America's heritage, and gave any fashionable man or women something to chose for that would suit them from his new collection. 

Photography: Myself

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