Monday, September 1, 2014

"We can sail, we can sail. We can steer, we can near..."

Yesterday's adventure took place in the nearby city of Sausalito, but it may as well have been Europe! Going new places on my trip around The Bay Area of Northern California has made me realize how European the lifestyles of locals seems, granted I've only been to Germany, England, and Wales. There are some Japenese-style gardens around California, but I would expect there to be even more Asian influences and less of a European feel because of which continent is closer to California! If you've talked to my lately about dream travel destinations, you'll know that my number one trip would be to Santorini, Greece (Paris is close behind) so this sure helps the travel bug in me until I can get there.

Sausalito was a very colorful city across the bay from San Francisco that we took a short ferry ride to. There's tons of shopping and eating, and we passed on the local art festival to wander around the town. We did see some local artisans work in small shops, which was very impressive. We ate ravioli and shrimp cocktail at Scoma's restaurant right on the water, and enjoyed some delicious lunchtime cocktails. In other words, we did vacation right. 

I wore a black and white peasant-style dress with black tassels in the front that I had bought in the Haight-Ashbury district the day before. It's from an adorable shop called Ambiance that I would recommend checking out and they have a huge sale going on now. There's also several locations in the city! A woven hat and bag complimented the look. Check out my outfit photos below, and like my Napa post, I have several extra travel photos for you to check out if you wish below that! 

Photography: Ashley Laurel

Style Tips: If you're going somewhere sunny, don't only wear a hat but also sunscreen! I forgot my sunscreen and I am paying for it as I write this.

Outfit Highlights: A dress from Ambiance and my bow bracelet from Charming Charlie

Song of the Day: "Orinoco Flow (Sail Away)" by Enya

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