Sunday, October 19, 2014

"Are We Out of the Woods Yet, Are We Out of the Woods?"

I really got the most out of this summertime, packing in events left and right including a move from Manhattan to Queens and trips to Texas and California! Now that the summer has turned into my favorite season, Autumn, I've been loving all sorts of seasonal activities. Autumn is a time for my favorite holiday, Halloween, along with other fun celebrations like my birthday, Thanksgiving, and this year Taylor Swift's new album, "1989". It's also the ideal time to go to farms, dress all preppy, and take blog photos!

 I absolutely adore farms. It's the old-fashioned country girl in me inspired by Kirsten and Felicity the American Girls, Little House on the Prairie, Anne of Green Gables, and even Little Women. I came home to renew my license because work required me to so that I could continue driving, my mother and I took advantage of my trip and visited Rosedale Farm while my dad relaxed at home. We also drove through our favorite parts of historic Farmington and Simbsury, nearby to our town of Avon.

It's no secret that I would love to live in the country someday, and in an ideal world I'll have an apartment and be able to take a train, bus, or car to my gorgeous farm home on vacations and weekends. Perhaps in upstate New York or Pennsylvania, who knows? I just love trees, gorgeous traditional homes, and seasons, although I wish winter was a bit shorter.

Photography: Myself and Beth Wilson

Outfit Highlights: my beloved tweed jacket handmade by my mom, an H&M striped sweater dress, and an old equestrian belt

Style Tip: Dressing in a theme isn't just for Halloween. I went for the "New England Prepster" look  for a special day. Forget the sweatshirts and sneakers and live a little!

Song of the Day: "Out of the Woods" by Taylor Swift

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